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The Best Web Analytics Tools, by Devrun Web agency

What Are the Best Web Analytics Tools?

There are many Web analytics tools and competition is fierce in the Web marketing industry. In order to help you make sense of it all, here is an overview of the best Web analytics solutions on the market. Google Analytics Google Analytics is the most popular and reliable Web analytics tool on the market. It allows you to analyze up to 10 million interactions per month on your website using tables, graphs and thorough reports – all of this for free...

Google analytics: The new universal code, by Devrun Web agency


Google Analytics has incorporated some new features that allow web administrators to modify the way data is recorded and organized in their Google Analytics account. These new additions allow Google Analytics users to benefit from more precise data. User ID The use of a unique identifier allows webmasters to get a more precise count of all the visitors accessing their website, thus helping them get a better understanding of their visitors’ online behaviour. A More Flexible Tracking Code...

Introduction to video tracking, by Devrun Web agency


In this blog post, Devrun Web agencywill provide you with a quick introduction to video tracking using Google Analytics. There are more and more companies that incorporate videos on their websites to promote their brand, products or services. As a result, it has become essential for Web analytics tools to include data on video tracking. The video tracking feature is available on Google Analytics through the event tracking feature. Web analysts have access to several different methods to carry...

What is the Google Academy Certification, by Devrun Web agency


The Web analytics industry is a booming sector and has become an essential practice for all businesses. These days, Web marketing experts are more and more in demand for business website optimization. Certifications offered by Google Academy were even made available to these experts in order to help them perfect their knowledge. For this reason, the Devrun Web agency will provide you with a brief overview of the course’s content as well as how to sign up for this certification. Among othe...

Focus on the Google Academy Certification, by Devrun Web agency


Web analytics is a soaring field and acquiring a Google Academy certification is highly beneficial. Here is a brief overview of the content and the requirements of the Google Academy certification. Google Academy offers quality online courses on various Web analytics practices. The main goal of these programs is to provide Web marketing experts with premium training on Google Analytics. These programs consist of a series of video classes, along with reading materials and discussion boards allo...