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The Best Web Analytics Tools, by Devrun Web agency

What Are the Best Web Analytics Tools?

There are many Web analytics tools and competition is fierce in the Web marketing industry. In order to help you make sense of it all, here is an overview of the best Web analytics solutions on the market. Google Analytics Google Analytics is the most popular and reliable Web analytics tool on the market. It allows you to analyze up to 10 million interactions per month on your website using tables, graphs and thorough reports – all of this for free...

The history of the major players in the Web analytics industry, by Devrun Web agency

The history of the major players in the Web analytics industry

The Web has truly become an essential marketing tool for businesses. Companies of all shapes and sizes rely on Web analytics to improve their online visibility, sales, website usability, etc. This article will summarize the history of three major players of the Web analytics industry: Omniture Adobe, Coremetrics and Google. Omniture was founded by Josh James and John Pestana in 1996. Since then, the company has experienced rapid growth and has been part of Inc.’s 500 fastest-growing priva...