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The History of Web Analytics

The History of Web Analytics by Devrun Web agency

The History of Web Analytics

Web analytics has become more and more popular over the years and businesses are starting to realize the great impotance of analyzing their Web traffic and using the results to better their referencing (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web marketing, and Web development strategies.

Web Analytics owes its popularity mostly to Google Analytics, but companies had started looking at website statistics, hits, and user behaviour since the 90s. It was in 1993 that Webtrends, the first official Web analytics company, was founded. Subsequently, a free navigational data analysis log – Analog – was created in 1995. It provided businesses with documentation, as well as clear and simple charts. Analytics were no longer only reserved for the IT department; they could be used by anyone. That is how commercial analytics began. As a result, several other companies – such as Coremetrics and WebSideStory – mushroomed everywhere. Another company called Urchin Software Corporation had a data analysis package named Urchin on Demand that had an annual cost of $495. The price then dropped to $199 as soon as Google bought the company in 2005. The package became free of charge upon the launch of Google’s famous traffic analysis tool – Google Analytics.

Today, Google is the central player in Web Analytics. However there are many other important players that will be presented in our next blog posts.

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