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Introduction to video tracking, by Devrun Web agency


In this blog post, Devrun Web agencywill provide you with a quick introduction to video tracking using Google Analytics.

There are more and more companies that incorporate videos on their websites to promote their brand, products or services. As a result, it has become essential for Web analytics tools to include data on video tracking.

The video tracking feature is available on Google Analytics through the event tracking feature.

Web analysts have access to several different methods to carry out video tracking effectively. For instance, these metrics can be the number of times your video has been watched over a given time period or the average time spent watching your video. Other factors, such as the type of video player used on your website, will determine which video tracking method should be used to carry out effective video tracking. Website administrators can decide to track only the first few seconds, 50% or 75% of a video according to what is relevant to their marketing strategy.

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