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Focus on the Google Academy Certification, by Devrun Web agency


Web analytics is a soaring field and acquiring a Google Academy certification is highly beneficial. Here is a brief overview of the content and the requirements of the Google Academy certification.

Google Academy offers quality online courses on various Web analytics practices. The main goal of these programs is to provide Web marketing experts with premium training on Google Analytics.

These programs consist of a series of video classes, along with reading materials and discussion boards allowing students to discuss with Google experts, Web analytics specialists as well as fellow students.

The first course is called Digital Analytics Fundamentals. The program is free and doesn’t have time restrictions. Indeed, there is no set period required to complete the course, which means students can learn at their own pace.

When the course is completed, students can access the Google Academy exam portal and take an online test. The exam is 1:30 and costs $50.

How to become a Certified Partner

Once you pass the test, you receive an official Google Analytics certification. It is important to note that the Google Analytics certification does not make you a Google Analytics certified partner. In order to become a certified partner, businesses need to meet several strict requirements.

This online training allows Web analytics experts to fully exploit Google Analytics and its features within their business, in order to optimize their website’s overall performance.

For more information about Web analytics, do not hesitate to contact Devrun Web agency.

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