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Adobe Marketing Cloud Demystified

Adobe Marketing Cloud Demystified

Adobe Marketing Cloud Demystified

Marketing clouds are highly useful for marketers. They can be used to search for trends on social media conversations, create customized content for consumers, establish consumer profiles based on their online behaviour, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, etc.

More precisely, Adobe Social monitors conversations across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Not only is it able to identify the sources of trends, called influencers, but Adobe Social is also able to influence conversations. Adobe Media Optimizer is used to create and disseminate advertising on various channels. Adobe Experience Manager is primarily used for creating Websites. Adobe Target tests content by targeting potential consumers. Adobe Campaign launches advertising campaigns across a range of channels targeted at the most interested consumers.

Devrun Web Agency is an expert in Adobe Marketing Cloud and can work with you to get everything out of the tool.

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